It’s time to amplify women’s voices while respecting the planet.

HRF Press is an independent publishing start-up committed to female empowerment, mental health, and the care of our planet.

All women have a story to tell and many of them want to share this story in a book. Yet, their options to publish their book in an empowering manner is often limited. The current publishing system is often predatory and exploitive.  Furthermore, in the US, 2 billion trees are cut down every year to supply all the paper demand in this country. Paper recycling is highly effective yet, fewer paper companies are making recycled paper options. This leaves publishers printing their books primarily on fresh paper. While readership has been up since the pandemic (yay!), the use of newly fallen trees to supply the paper for printed books places a great strain on the planet and worsens the current climate crisis.

At HRF Press, we know there is a better way. It is completely possible to spread the powerful stories women have to tell in a nurturing business model. We never put profit over people.

HRF Press Systemic Goals

  • A profit sharing model for authors,
  • Mentally healthy practices and policies to prevent staff, and author, burn out,
  • Commitment to only printing on recycled paper despite few options and higher costs,
  • Publications which help inspire, and heal, readers, and
  • Profits being re-invested into funding projects to help heal women’s trauma to help more women share their voice with the world

New Book Due 2023!

Self-Love Made Possible: The 5-Step Guide to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy & Become Your Own Best Friend

Everyone says you should love yourself but no one tells you exactly how. This book changes all that with a step by step process to fall in love with yourself!

What People Have Said About Krystal’s Previous Books

empowering women publishing mental health

“Holy **** – this book changed my life. I wanted to highlight every other sentence. The author writes things in a very straightforward and easy to understand way. The book doesn’t get too bogged down by too many irrelevant client anecdotals, which I personally find unnecessary and distracting at best, or extremely triggering at worst. I feel like this book has given me the clarity I need to realize what habits of mine actually actually stem from codependency, and to recognize and work on my codependent relationships. There are so many things in my life that I’ve chalked up to different causes, anxiety, depression, adhd, perfectionism, “laziness”, and am slowly realizing that they’re rooted in codependency. Obviously this isn’t the answer to everything, but it sure has given me a lot of perspective. This book doesn’t do a super deep dive into anything, but that’s actually part of what I liked about it. It didn’t feel overwhelming or hard to read, and things were easy to go back to. I highly recommend picking this up, even if it’s just to read once and pass along, I bought 3 copies for myself and family/friends!

Reviewer on Amazon

“Very insightful. This is the first self help book I’ve ever read, and it is the best thing I’ve bought for myself. I struggled so much with putting myself last and putting everyone else’s needs first. I’ve also been unhealthily codependent on my bf to cope with what feels like a mountain of responsibility. Reading has helped mend my romantic relationship, gotten better at communicating my feelings and boundaries. To any one struggling with codependency, I recommend this book and hope you get better too.

empowering women publishing

Reviewer on Amazon

“Saved my relationship! I was in a codependent relationship and this book (in combination with therapy) saved my relationship. We had to identify our traits in order to step away from them. We had been living in a drama triangle for years and never found resolve until we better understood ourselves and what we needed as individuals and why. Being codependent isn’t bad or intentional. It just happens but with this, knowledge is power!”


Reviewer on Amazon